We Protect What Matters to You (About us)

About Us

The Oakland Fence Solutions is a homegrown fence building company specializing in all things fences and beyond. This is our about us page. We offer fence installation services, as well as installation of guard rails, cages, enclosures, dock parts, hand railing, and many more.

Throughout the many years that we have been in the industry, we have succeeded in giving our clients the fences they need. Over these years, we have made our name in delivering quality fence work.

We are a fence company in Oakland offering several fence options for residential, commercial, agricultural, and even industrial contexts. Our mission is to bring our clients’ vision of their properties into reality.

For over two decades, we have guided our clients from selecting fence materials, to planning, and even repair and maintenance as the need arose. We have provided services guided by our company expertise and professional collaboration.

Up to the present day, we still strive to deliver our commitment of providing you with high quality and great value fences for your every need and setting.

We install all types of fences and we offer several materials to choose from. Despite being updated with modern tools and equipment, we still offer classic and traditional fence options like wood and chain link. Meanwhile, we also make sure that the best steel, aluminum, vinyl, and SimTek are available for your choosing as well.

As one of the young fence builders in Oakland during the turn of the century in 1999, we have come a long way from our early humble beginnings. We started by offering only limited materials and handled average-sized projects as our capabilities and machineries were limited.

Fast forward twenty-one years later, we are now one of the known reputable names in the Oakland fencing scene. Yet, we always look back to how we started small.

We are humbled and elated by the trust our patrons have placed in us over the years. This has become our motivation and inspiration in continuing the work we do. The experience we have incurred from all these years and the feedback we receive from our clients helped us improve our services, such that as the years went by, our services only get better.

One of our principles in doing our business is engaging in collaborative partnership. To us, our clients are more than just customers who pay us for our services. For the Oakland Fence Solutions, each project is a team effort, and that team include our crew and even the property owner. Under this collaborative partnership, we have opened our communication with our clients to make sure that they understand the processes of their project.

In our line of work, we live by very simple yet very important principles. First, we value the safety of our working space, for our clients, our crew and even the public. Second, we never skimp on quality. Hence, we only source our materials from the most trusted names in our area. Third, we deliver our work with integrity because we want to make sure that your best interests are served.

For fence installation in Oakland, or if you want to know more about us call us at 510-945-1192.