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Oakland Fence Solutions is a homegrown fence building company specializing in all things fences and beyond. We offer fence installation services, as well as installation of guard rails, cages, enclosures, dock parts, hand railing, and many more.

Throughout the many years that we have been in the industry, we have succeeded in giving our clients the fences they need. Over these years, we have made our name in delivering quality fence work.

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While sports, in general, has long been popular, there is somehow something special about team sports. Most fans love it because it

Your residence is the very place where you can rest and relax after a long, hard day of work. There is nothing

Oakland Fence Solutions offers everything fences and more.

When we think of fences, we think of separation and divide but in a good way. In our home life, we imagine fences as the barrier that separates from our neighbor. It seems like a simple structure, yet we feel secure with our homes bound by them. It gives us the feeling of home and the sense that our residence is a fortress only for us.

Aside from making us feel safe and secure, fences can also give us a sense of delight and pride. This is especially evident when we consider aesthetics when installing fences. These days, exterior design is prioritized as much as interior design, and this is for good reason. Who does not want a well-designed home interior matched with an architecture outside, then matched with a beautiful fence?

When aesthetics is the subject of interest in your fence project, it is almost certain that curb appeal would come into the conversation. Curb appeal is known as the level of attractiveness of the exterior of a property at first glance. This is a very important consideration when you are looking for prospective buyers of your property. There are many ways to improve curb appeal. Some includes landscaping and repainting. One of the methods which can add considerable curb appeal is still in installing fences. for many homeowners in Oakland, fence installation is mainly done for curb appeal. Call us at 510-945-1192 and we will help you boost your curb appeal today.

Fences are important for both commercial and residential properties. In fact, they are also applicable in agricultural and industrial contexts. Fence building is even subject to many regulations. This makes securing permits for every project important.

Essentially, fence installation is a property-modifying undertaking. This is the reason why local agencies regulate fence installation through rules like zoning ordinances. This paperwork is not just for bureaucracy. This is a very important step in protecting fence contractors in Oakland, the property owners in the city, and even the public interest.

Fences and walls are not the same. This is something basic every fence company in Oakland would know. Walls are always in contact with the ground all throughout. For fences, they are only connected to the ground via fence posts. Keeping the fence panels away from the ground also keeps it away from moisture, thereby preventing any damages.

When we think of fences, there is no one image that would pop in our mind. Given the many fence types and materials available today, you would think of more than one kind of fence when somebody mentions “fences.”


The availability of many different materials in many different forms is to the advantage of the fence builder in Oakland, as well as the clients who requested them. For the fence company, having many types of fences and materials to offer mean they can offer their services to more owners who may have different needs. At the same time, since there is a wide variety of types to avail of, property owners have flexible choices. Moreover, fences have become accessible for every budget range.

Oakland Fence Solutions is one of those companies who can provide reliable fencing in Oakland. We also offer these many types of materials mentioned. Each material can be made into many different fence types as applicable as well.

We offer conventional fencing like wood fences. Wood fences can come in a variety of forms and styles. We offer cedar wood for fence purposes. Cedar wood fences are available in privacy forms and even ornamental styles.

Other fence materials we offer include steel, aluminum, vinyl, and SimTek. Given this wide variety of choices, the selection process itself may be overwhelming. Good thing, we have our crew and staff to guide you in choosing. It can be puzzling to think about the differences of steel and aluminum. It can also be confusing when a vinyl fence or a SimTek fence would be appropriate.

To give you an overview, remember that both aluminum and steel are reliable and durable metal types. They may be pricier than many other fence materials, but they are a worthy investment. On the other hand, vinyl and SimTek are more contemporary materials which are derivatives of plastic. They are also very durable and offers the extra advantage of being easy to install. Normally, they can be installed after they are shipped.

Aside from just fences we offer other related services too. We offer temporary fencing, guard rails, dog kennels, dock parts, hand railing, cages, enclosures, and even backstops.

For more information on these services and products, our fencing company in Oakland can be easily reached through 510-945-1192.

Oakland Fence Solutions has been in the business for more than two decades. To us, every fence project is handled with care. It does not matter whether the fence project is big or small. Each one will be taken care of under careful assessment and thorough planning as our general commitment in our company.

You can trust us with your every fence project needs because we make sure that we give our best services from the simplest chain links fences to the largest steel fences installations.

For many property owners these days, fence installation is no longer optional. Rather, it has evolved into a necessary step towards the completion of your residential or commercial property.

Looking at it superficially, it would be easy to underestimate the fence installation process. You may think that digging up holes and fitting in posts are simple. However, each step in the process is very sensitive. Small errors can add up and cause dire consequences for the project. There is a very narrow margin of allowable error for every little move when installing fences. If you want to avoid the expenses of costly repairs and the hassle of reinstallation, you must make sure that you hire a reliable fence contractor in Oakland.

If you need more information and if you have any questions, call us at 510-945-1192 and get a free estimate.